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Five star treatment

This month we look at a variety of the best luxury hotel rooms around the world, based in the city, on the beach or in a historic cave.

The business of luxury

Grand designs with the Cipriani family at their Wall Street apartments with butler service, a hot air balloon ride over the spectacular Cappadocia region in Turkey and hospitality tycoon Sol Kerzners life and work in the Bahamas.

(CNN) -- The business of luxury at some of the world's top hotels is at the heart of this month's Art of Life.

CNN anchor Monita Rajpal takes us from New York to Turkey and back to The Bahamas to showcase some of the world's most opulent, desirable apartments and hotels and meets the brains behind the bounty.

This month's Art of Life looks at the luxury lifestyle available at the world's best hotels

1 of 4 more photos We check out the Cipriani family's New York apartments, sample the charms of a cave hotel in Turkey and speak to hotel magnate Sol Kerzner about his latest development in The Bahamas.

The Cipriani lifestyle

From the humble beginnings of a small bar in Venice, the Cipriani name has become synonymous with luxury. Founder, Guiseppe Cipriani shares some of the secrets of the family's success with Monita Rajpal as she tours their fully furnished suites with butler service at 55 Wall Street. She also travels to Harry's Bar in Venice -- the home of the Bellini and carpaccio -- to meet his son, Arrigo.

Luxury cave dwelling

A cave might not seem like the most obvious venue for a luxury hotel but Linzie Janis travels to Yunak Houses in Cappadocia, Turkey which is built inside third and fourth century caves. She takes an early morning hot air balloon ride over the valley's spectacular rock formations, visits one the many churches also found in the caves and spends an evening with some whirling dervishes.

Sol Kerzner

We catch up with billionaire hotel-tycoon Sol Kerzner as he celebrates the opening of a new 600 room, all-suite development at the Atlantis Resort and Casino in The Bahamas. The development was the brainchild of his son, Butch, who was killed in a helicopter crash last year. Kerzner's latest project is the 1,500 room development due to open at The Palm, Dubai next year.

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