Das zweit einzigartigste Hotel auf der Erde nach dem Hideaway Bericht von Andrew Harper


Simply, you have never seen anything like this. Yunak Houses is an astonishing feat of architecture. It docs not merely blend with the landscape, it quite literally is the landscape. If you have ever wanted to sleep in a cave, this is the way to do it, with comforts Fred Flintstone could never have dreamed of.

This amazing collection of holiday residences, served by a handsome 16th Century Greek-style mansion, has been hewn from the rocks and then furnished and equipped to a standard you would never expect to sec in so remote and exotic a place as this. You have lovely brass bedsteads, bathrooms that are almost as big as the bedrooms, rugs and balustrades to add colour and character and, all around, the patterns and cool tranquillity of millions of years in the solid rock of the walls. Outside, you have terraces or patios that command stunning views of this incredible landscape. The suites are all cool spaciousness, with large living areas, a discreet entrance to the cosy bedroom and marbled bathrooms with Jacuzzis. Deluxe rooms present a whole new concept of split-level living. One has a dividing wall between the living area and the bedroom - as the picture shows - while the other two are actually made from adjoining caves. Of these, one has two caves side by side, the other has one cave on top of the other, so that they are almost suites in their own right. Certainly, they are ideal for families with children. All the rooms inevitably have their own unique characters - you can hardly impose a uniform standard on millions of years of rock formations - and one in particular is ideal for honeymooners. You get to it through a little private passageway, emerging onto a completely enclosed terrace which enjoys perhaps the best vantage point of all. Privacy and intimacy are the watchwords here. There is a reception and seating area in the mansion house. Upstairs are two rooms, each with DVD players and hi-fi systems, where you can relax in with a good movie. If you have brought a large group, the function room at the mansion is ideal for a party. Close by is the terrace restaurant, with amazing views as a backdrop, while for lunch and dinner the colourful culinary delights of Urgup are also just a stroll away. Elixir particularly recommends the Somine and the A La Turca. It you thought you had seen everything that Turkey had to offer, think again. There can be few places on the planet as remarkable and compelling as this.

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